Monday, February 16, 2009

My first mocha coffee

Ho ho ho .... this is my 1st time made mocha, here i would like to share with u ppl how i made it.

here is what u need.

  1. Press pot (Fresh press)
  2. Ikea Produkt Milk-frother
  1. 4 teaspo0ns blend mocha coffee
  2. 3 teaspo0ns brown sugar
  3. 2 teaspo0ns unsweetened cocoa powder
  4. 4 tablespo0ns Fresh milk ( i prefer HL milk)
  5. 200ml hot water
here we go. this is the blended mocha coffee bean.

Add 4 teaspo0ns blend mocha coffee

add 200ml hot water and let it steam for 3-5mins

i bought this Ikea Produkt Milk-frother last night
so now i 'm going to try my new gadget, want to see it can made a nice milk bubble or not.
now we can add the 4 tablespo0ns Fresh milk and spin it until the bubble grow up

alright now the coffee is done so now can pour in to the cup,
after that add , 3 teaspo0ns brown sugar, 2 teaspo0ns unsweetened cocoa powder

and the last step is pour the milk to the cup.

Enjoy! thanks for reading.

p/s: anyway if u have any better recipe please share with me ! hahaha ..


  1. bu hui jiu bu yao minum...
    minum liao u 24 hours canot slee eh

  2. i like mocha..
    i wan order one cup pls, pls deliver to me later~